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Please consider this special appeal from Veterans for Peace, Santa Feans for Justice in Palestine (SFJP) and Jewish Voice for Peace  to inform people and potentially allied organizations of why this definition unconstitutionally violates our First Amendment rights to speak about Israel and Palestine and get them to sign the petition below under #2

THE ISSUE — TELL Governor Lujan Grisham that Criticism of Israel IS NOT Antisemitism!

Jewish Voice for Peace–Albuquerque and Santa Feans for Justice in Palestine call on
Governor Lujan Grisham to rescind Executive Order 2022-118, which makes the
International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance Working Definition of Antisemitism
and its examples of contemporary antisemitism official state policy. While antisemitism is very
real and present, the Executive Order wrongfully conflates criticism of Israel with antisemitism
and dangerously threatens free speech and civil liberties.

1. May we cite your organization as opposed to governmental adoption of the IHRA definition
and examples when we contact the governor and legislators (if legislation is introduced)?

2. Will you distribute our online petition to your members and recommend that they sign it?

3. Will you help us recruit individual members of your organization to assist us in this
campaign—this may be as minimal as making a few phone calls or sending a few emails to
actively help us organize the campaign?
4. Who would be the contact person for your organization?

Zoom with us on January 8th @ 3:00 pm to learn more about what you can do.
Contact Stop New Mexico IHRA Campaign at






            On Saturday, December 3, 2022,
Fr. John Dear will welcome Maria Stephan, to speak on
“Nonviolent Resistance in the World Today.”
She is co-author of the classic study of successful
nonviolent movements — yes, they DO work!

Invest $30, and join us at 12pm Mountain time
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If you are willing to display it, we will provide a “We Support a Nonviolent Santa Fe” vinyl decal.
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Each Friday between the hours of 12 noon and 1:00, Veterans for Peace holds a vigil of concern over the development of nuclear weapons considered illegal by the world community. They welcome others to join them at the corner of West Alameda and North Guadalupe.  Just show up!  If you have flags, banners, or signs relating to peace and nonviolence, bring them along as well.